Don't Settle - Not with Food, Love or your Career

A lot of us settle. Sometimes without even being conscious of it. We throw it under the umbrella of being compromising or mutable. It's not though. It's settling. We settle in our relationships, our careers, with our friends, and even with complete strangers - the person that snakes you for a parking spot, the neighbor that doesn't hold the door/elevator, etc. Many of us settle so much, we judge and loathe those that set and stand firm on their boundaries - calling them selfish, unreasonable, and egoistic. 

Some of this may sound familiar. But what I bet many of us have not sat with, is how settling when it comes to the foods we put in our bodies, leads to settling in other areas of our lives.

I spent 12+ years as a pescatarian with no real direction on what I should and shouldn't put in my body, and more importantly - why. I transitioned into vegetarianism when I started feeling like the fat girl that didn't eat meat. I mean what was the point of having a discipline, if my body still looked like I ate everything right. It wasn't until I starting transitioning into veganism over the last 2 years that I truly realized how much I was not only settling in my diet, but settling in my life. 

I was settling for foods that EITHER tasted good or were good for me. That is a very low standard for something so important to our continued existence. So I decided that my food had to meet 2 expectations - no exceptions: 1.) It must taste good to me, and 2.) It must be good for me. If it doesn't meet BOTH expectations, it doesn't get the pleasure of entering my body. This allowed me to meditate on just how much people settle when it comes to nourishment. A lot of people eat things they don't like but are good for them and essentially get no pleasure from food. The majority of people eat things that taste good to them and essentially get no nourishment from food. 

WE are better than that. YOU are better than that.

And the way our divine existence is setup, the way we make decisions in one area of our lives, tends to carry over to other areas. You start settling for romantic partners that are good for you, but don't taste good - meaning they don't light that passionate spark. They are the salads of partners. Or you settle for romantic partners that ignite all your fires, but they are not good for you. They don't nourish your dreams. They don't feed your mind. They aren't connected to your soul's purpose. They are the junk food of lovers. 

This carries over to the career you settle for because it's good for your bank account but draining on your spirit. Or good for your spirit but not abundant enough to pay your bills. 

We settle.

Rather it's food, careers or relationships, once you train yourself to settle for nourishment, it will show up in every area of your life. 

Now Breathe.

Take a simple inventory of how you feel:

Physically - do your favorite foods make you feel alive, alert, satiated, and energetic? Or full, lethargic, and guilty?

Mentally - does that man or woman feed your purpose and make you feel wiser, more self-actualized, and confident? Or do you consistently battle feelings of being unappreciated, undervalued, and insecure?

Spiritually - does that job or career make you leap out of bed with passion and purpose? Or do you hold your breath on Monday and exhale on Friday?

To compromise is to meet in the middle of your wants without sacrificing your needs. To be mutable is to adjust to the flow of life without forsaking your purpose. To settle is to decide that what you have, are doing or feeling, is the best you can get/achieve and forcing yourself to make peace with it. Compromising is born out of love for self, others, and the planet. Settling is born out of fear.

Let's not take a fearful mind into 2019.

Start with what you put in your body. Don't allow your food to get off the hook with just tasting good and not being good for you, or being good for you, but not appealing to your divine palette. You deserve better than that. You deserve food that is delicious and nutritious (corny but true). Just like you deserve friends and partners that are good for you and good to you. And you deserve a career that is good for your mind, body, soul, and bank account.

So the next time you think about eating some "junk food," remind yourself of your value and worth. And remember that eating junk, leads to laying with junk and before you realize it, you will be working in the field of "junk."

And WE are better than that!

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