Lying Under Trees Daydreaming

Picture pacifying yourself with ambiguous dreams and mediocre sex

Close your eyes and conjure the memory of our ancestors' offerings of flesh in exchange for new and improved slavery broken down in 40 hour weeks, paid out in bi-weekly freedom papers that are now green and house the faces of our former torturers. I mean dictators. Sorry, Presidents.

Dollars and cents.

Imagine lying to yourself

Attempting to silence the god in you to pray to the god created by slave masters. 
Imagine thinking your path to heaven was through a man, dressed as a pimp, renamed as pastor.

Picture upgrading your shackles to shiny gold chains
Waiting for a man to get down on one knee with a blood diamond and gift you with your captor's last name

Contemplate fearing love and loving hate
Exchanging lascivious words over libations and calling it a date
Holding others hostage to expectations you choose not to communicate

Picture pacifying yourself with photoshop images of the life you wish you had, while silently dying from the life you actually have

Imagine lying to yourself

The poisons you put in your body - "Oh just good ole traditional comfort food"
The people you let enter your body - "Because I'm not broken, I'm just a hopeless romantic"

Imagine your weapon of choice against your intuition being semantics

Close your eyes and envision the starving parts of your soul that you fill with synthetic stimulation, expensive things, and disingenuous cheerleaders that never call you on your shit. I mean your lies. Sorry, your arrested development.

I am a Liar because I am what I know I shouldn't be
I dwell in places beneath me
I fill my mind, body, and spirit with things I know are unhealthy

Imagine lying to yourself about your purpose and your power
Now imagine this being your final hour

Picture yourself dying a Liar

Now wake up and live your truth





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